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ISO 22716 

International Excellent Cosmetics Manufacturing and Quality Management System Certification

The Korean Wave is no longer talking about K-pop idols. It is called K-beauty and Korean cosmetics is leading global beauty trend. New beauty brands are being created to respond to this craze.

In spite of unreasonable market expansion and overheating competition, quality and safety of cosmetics are becoming a hot topic again.

In order to improve the safety of the cosmetics industry, the Cosmetics Act was amended in March and the safety standards were further strengthened.


In the current situation, the ISO 22716_Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is an essential certification for overseas export companies as well as domestic companies.


What is ISO 22716?

ISO 22716: 2007 is the international standard for Cosmetic-Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetics.

Each country has its own cosmetic GMP, but it has been financed as an alternative measure to overcome the differences in regulations in each country. Many international regulatory agencies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ICCR), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) We have approved and accepted the guidelines for this standard.


ISO 22716 consists of a total of 17 requirements, providing systematic and practical advice on managing human, technical and administrative factors affecting product quality with an emphasis on production, management, storage and shipment of cosmetics. Systematically provide methods for documenting and regulating the production, management, storage and shipment of cosmetics so that they can be identified by improper operation in the course of work, identify hazards that affect product quality, and prevent them beforehand.

Production process / quality control process

Center Introduction

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